Wedding Nails

For your wedding, you want your hands and nails looking picture perfect.

Here are some top tips on how to get it right for the big day.


Be Prepared

Like everything else involved in your wedding day, getting beautiful nails requires planning. Make sure you look after your nails in the run up to your wedding.


4-6 Months out:

It actually takes 6 months for your nails to grow out from cuticle bed to nail tip, so if your nails are in bad condition, severely damaged or bitten, you should start treating them 4-6 months in advance of your wedding day.

Firstly: visit the Nail clinic to find out your nail type, and what treatments are best for you.

Secondly:  start a complete nail care regime to get your nails in shape for your special day

Apply treatment products as directed, and give yourself weekly manicures, to keep your nails groomed and in good condition.
If you cannot find time for a full manicure every week, do a full manicure once a month, and a 5 minute manicure during the other three weeks.

Try to wear nail polish as much as possible, as it helps to protect the nails, and also keeping them groomed will help you resist the temptation to bite them.

Keep a Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen in your handbag, as apply on a regular basis. This will help to condition cuticles, strengthen nails and promote healthy nail growth.

If you are a biter, apply Sally Hansen Nail Biter regularly on top of natural nails or your nail colour.

Clipping your nails about every 6 weeks will encourage nail growth
Keep an emery board or nail file in your bag, to fix any rough edges.
With regards to shape, it is obviously a matter of choice, but square or squoval nails are stronger than oval nails, and will be much less likely to break, especially on the big day.

Keep hands moisturised by applying a handcream regularly. For maximum results, apply liberally at bedtime and wear cotton gloves.  Keep cuticles moisturised by applying a cuticle oil.

Ensure you protect your nails as much as possible. Use gloves when doing any activities which could damage your nails or expose them to detergents, like washing up.


3 Months out:

Ensure you continue to do weekly manicures to get your hands in top form.

Decide what colour and shape you want for your big day. If you are getting your nails done professionally, get the same manicurist to do your nails in the same way a few weeks before the wedding, so you are both on the same page beforehand and there are no surprises on the big day.

If you are planning to do your own nails on the day, again, trial the application and look a few weeks before. For French Manicures, practice in advance, as they can take time to perfect. For one of your dress fitting, paint your nails the shade you think you want to wear, to check if it works with the dress and overall colour scheme.


For The Day

  • Shape and groom your cuticles and paint your nails the day before your wedding.
  • Ensure you apply a base coat, colour and top coat.
  • Give you nail a full 5 minutes to fully dry.
  • Applying Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops will help speed up drying time, protect your colour as it dries and also condition your cuticles to keep them looking soft and healthy.
  • Take care when having a bath, as water will cause your newly painted nails to peel.