Bronze £300

Hair & make up, bride and upto 3 bridesmaids


Gold £500

Trial run for bride, hair and make up on the day bride & upto

5 persons/bridesmaids


Diamond £800

Trial run for bride and one bridesmaid, on the day hair & make up for bride, bridesmaids upto 8 persons/bridesmaids hair & make up


Platinum £1000

Trial run for bride & upto  2 persons/bridesmaids, brides hair & make up on the day And upto 10 persons/bridesmaids hair and make up on the day.


Ultimate Diamond package  £1500

Bride- trial hair & make up, trial hair  for upto 7 bridesmaids/persons on the big day, 7 x creative nail extensions, brides pedicure,  3 x non surgical facelift treatment. Airbrush make up for the bride


Package just for the bride, £200

Trial run hair & make up

Hair and make up on the day. nail extensions.