Proms Makeup and Hair

Prom Make-up and hair trial

We strongly recommend you to book your prom hair and make-up trial as soon as possible, as our services are very popular and we get booked up quickly.  Trials are not compulsory, but they will allow you to see exactly what you will look like on your prom day – no surprises.

We would advise you to take a photograph of yourself after you have had your prom make-up and hairstyling trial, to see what your style will look like on your prom photographs.

The prom hair and make-up trial run is not included on the price for the prom day, it is charged separately and there is no obligation to book for your prom day after your trial.  We don’t need to make our customers book everything in advance to secure a prom day booking as we are 100% confident you will be delighted with your make up and hair trial and will want to book our artist for your prom.

The prom day

If you have a trial, your hair and make up artist, will give you some recommendations and instructions for the prom day.

If you are not having a trial, the hair and make up artist will get there a bit earlier to discuss your preferences with you, but we strongly recommend you to bring photographs of make up and hair styles you like to give him/her and idea of what you want.

The hair and make-up artist will allow approximately 1 hour for your makeup to be done and about the same for your hairstyle but this depends on complexion and hair style chosen, usually having your hair put up takes longer than a blow dry or curling.

You should put your dress on after having had your make-up and hairstyling done, because even though we always use coveralls, this will avoid your dress getting creased or accidentally stained. We recommend you wear a shirt or something that you can take off easily (without having to pull it off your head) or your hair and make up will be ruined.  The make-up artist / hairdresser can help you put your dress on if you need assistance.

If your need assistance to get dressed up or putting your jewellery on, our artist can help you, but you would have to tell us in advance to ensure that we allocate enough time for that in our schedule.